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Dr. Derek Cain, B.P.E., D.C.

Network Practitioner and Chiropractor​

Dr. Derek Cain is a licensed chiropractor and Part 3 Certified Network Practitioner 
and has studied at the Network Master-E level. His fascination with the human body and
its workings were first ignited while pursuing his degree in Physical Education at McMaster
University, where he graduated on the Dean's Honour List. Not being content with simply being
fascinated with the body, Dr. Derek chose to further his studies at the Canadian Memorial
Chiropractic College where he learned that his passion was to contribute to the health and
Wellness of those around him. As he began his studies there, he learned of the importance of
maintaining the health of our spines and nervous systems, especially as they pertain to our
overall health and well-being.

When Dr. Derek discovered craniosacral therapy early on in his chiropractic education, he
began to understand how applying gentle forces to the spine can help the body function more
efficiently. Shortly thereafter he took his first steps towards a technique which would soon turn
out to be his ultimate passion. Network Spinal Analysis, the perfect technique for him combining
a gentle force approach with a focus on empowering clients to help themselves. Since 1999,
Dr. Derek has dedicated himself exclusively to this technique, working every day to foster a​ higher level of proficiency.

Dr. Derek’s Philosophy of Care can best be summarized as a belief in the power of the​ body’s innate intelligence, the force that animates us and makes our hearts beat. Each of us has patterns that our bodies use to respond to the challenges that life sends our way. When these patterns become habitual, tension can build in the body, and specifically on the spine. This tension can affect the proper function of the nervous system, thereby altering the expression of that innate intelligence and reducing our capacity for natural healing. If people and their bodies can learn better strategies for managing stress, and even learn to use that stress as a fuel for healing, then health and wellness come naturally and abundantly. ​

​Dr. Derek loves to work with people who enjoy exploring new healing modalities, and who are looking to reach their maximum potential health. He has proven to be an effective guide for understanding the dynamics that have brought his patients to their current health statuses, and helps them to learn ways in which they can fulfill more of their healing potential. Having worked in the downtown Toronto core for his entire career,
Dr. Derek understands the challenges of people who are looking to live active lives while competing with the hustle and bustle of a big city. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from such diverse fields as the financial world, law, professional athletes, amateur world-class athletes, artists, and students. Whether it's an investment banker, a painter, a stay-at-home mom/dad or someone in retirement, he has been an effective guide on the road to Wellness. He has had the privilege of working on newborn babies (within hours of birth) as well as some more mature practice members (91 years young!). It is his passion to empower people in their own healing processes and help discover that the tools they need to be healthy and well are already within them. 

​In his day-to-day practice, Dr. Derek utilizes the Reorganizational Healing techniques of Dr. Donald Epstein. Some of them include:

•    Network Spinal Analysis - A gentle force chiropractic technique that helps bring greater body awareness to patients, and allows them the opportunity to learn to connect with stresses and tensions stored in the body; the goal being to either release those stresses and tensions from the body, or to transform them into healing fuel​

•    Somato Respiratory Integration - A set of hands-on body and breath integration exercises which help connect us to whichever stage of healing we are experiencing, help create new body awareness and help us naturally take new actions that are supportive of our health​

•    Triad of Change - A way to consciously approach life using the elements of perception, structure and behaviour so that we may create successful outcomes rather than pain or suffering

​To find out more about Network Chiropractic, or start your journey with Dr. Derek, please contact 416-977-8165 or click on the button below to find out about the intake process for new practice members.