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Network Spinal Analysis

​Health care for a modern world

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA or Network for short) is a gentle, holistic approach to 
spinal healthcare that gets proven results. Network cues the nervous system to alleviate
acute and chronic patterns of tension. The technique focuses on improving the function
of the nervous system, which in turn frees the muscles and joints of the spine, allowing
the entire body to heal and function better.

Research [1] shows that Network can improve your:
•    Physical ability, by decreasing pain and fatigue, improving sleeping patterns, and
increasing energy, mobility, and physical comfort and appearance
•    Mental and emotional health, by stabilizing mood fluctuations, and alleviating feelings
of depression, distress, anxiety, doubt, and worry
•    Quality of life, by improving focus, concentration, self-awareness, and the ability to
adapt to change
•    Life enjoyment, by increasing relaxation and well-being ,  helping to develop more
positive feelings about oneself, and producing a self-motivated interest in maintaining
a healthy lifestyle

​Pioneered over thirty years ago by Dr. Donald Epstein of New York City, Network is now practiced widely in the United States and Canada, as well as Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

​Let’s face it, our world is a place full of constant stresses, small and large, that affect us in many ways. While we can eliminate some of these, there are many that are beyond our control. The Network approach is to work with your spine and nervous system at whatever level each are currently functioning. Network then can help upgrade your capacity for dealing with stress and help release any stress and tension that has built up over time. Think of it as upgrading your computer to operate with the latest and most powerful software. Network upgrades the capacity of your nervous system to help your spine function optimally in the face of ever-present stresses.

​In a typical Network session, you lie face down on a chiropractic table for anywhere between 15-30 minutes while Dr. Derek makes gentle contacts along your spine, observing how your body responds and checking for shifts in tension patterns. Body and breath exercises are integrated in order to enhance the effectiveness of the care Dr. Derek provides. When your entrainment is complete, you will get up off the table feeling relaxed, with greater awareness of your body, helping you to manage stress with greater ease.  

Take a moment to look at the video below.

​[1] Blanks, Schuster and Dobson. “A Retrospective Assessment of Network Care using a Survey of Self-Rated Health, Wellness and Quality of Life.” JVSR 1:4, Irvine, CA. (1997). P.1-17.