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After just over 5 wonderful years in the Bloor/Spadina area, Integrate Chiropractic is moving to a new location in the Jarvis/Carlton area. Our new location is easily access by transit, bike lanes and vehicular traffic. The final day of visits at 344 Bloor Street West will be July 20th, 2018 with the new location opening on August 7th, 2018. We hope this won't alter your choice to take steps to better your health and come in for your visits.

Based on the recommendations that Dr. Derek has given, and your co-created health goals, we will see you in the office for your follow-up entrainments. They typically take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on what comes up during that particular session. There's an abundance of appointment times available and these entrainments are done with up to 3 other practice members (patients) in the room at the same time.

After the first two visits - What's Next?

Your first visit is a comprehensive consultation (health history interview and physical examination). Dr. Derek will take the time to understand not only your current concerns but the history behind them. We use posture pictures as a way to track progress and your first visit will be our starting point. For this we ask that you wear (or bring) dark-coloured, form-fitting active wear or yoga wear as this allows for the best results. You will also learn a unique body integration exercise which will work to make change in your body before you leave. We will leave you with instructions on how to do this exercise in the time leading up to your second visit, as well as some homework to do.

Your second visit, commonly referred to in Chiropractic as a "Report of Findings" will have you sitting with Dr. Derek to go over his recommendations for care and you will co-create your Health/Wellness Goals. Dr. Derek will explain the framework of Re-Organizational Healing and how it can benefit you and our lifestyle. Once the talking is done, it's time to focus on your body. You'll experience your first session/adjustment, which we call an "entrainment" (this term is particular to Network Spinal Analysis). From this very first entrainment your body will start to learn new strategies on how to deal with stress and tension.

Both of these visits are approximately 45 minutes each and are one-on-one meetings with Dr. Derek. These two appointments are made in advance and although we have particular times in our schedule when they can be done, there are several options each work day that almost always suit any schedule.

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