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Network Spinal Analysis

Contributing to the vitality, health and wellness of our community is the primary focus of Integrate Chiropractic and has always been Dr. Derek's chief endeavour. The way that he chooses to be of service is through Network Spinal Analysis, and this is the main service that we provide at Integrate Chiropractic. For more information on this technique, please click here.

Room Rentals

We previously offered room space rental, however with Dr. Derek's recent move, we are no longer offering this service. We recommend going to our Trusted Resources below and contacting Stephanie Cookson at Transense for more information on their space.

Trusted Resources

We acknowledge that the journey to health and Wellness is neither a destination to be reached, nor is it likely realized through only one technique or modality. To this end we have a number of trusted colleagues and organizations that we rely on to provide you with what we consider to be the highest standards of service and care. To see a list of these individuals we invite you to click here.

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