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Wise World Seminars now Epienergetics (website)
Dr. Donald Epstein

Angie Dairou - Destination Human

SRI Facillitator
Grace So

Wellness Practioners
Matthew Romantini - Yoga Therapist

Stephanie Cookson and Transense
Ramona Ng (Maitri Healing)

Integrate Chiropractic Recommends:

A list of great people and resources we trust to support you with your health and Wellness goals

Network Chiropractors  

Greater Toronto Area (alphabetical order)

Dr. Allison Barriscale
Dr. Marco Carravaggio
Dr. Rob Coddington
Dr. Biljana Durickovic

Dr. Lynne McRoberts

Dr. Shaian Mollaret
Dr. Maureen Neskar
Dr. Leo Quan


Dr. Thorin Gault


Dr. Joe Piazza

Dr. Tony Sandorfi

Dr. Angela Smith

Worthington, Ohio
Dr. Matthew Mancuso

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